Facilitated learning

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Face-to-face training

Skillgate designs and delivers face-to-face learning solutions for standard corporate applications, critical and complex client specific systems and business processes, and large-scale integration projects.

Skillgate’s face-to-face learning solutions are carefully thought out and planned to ensure that content is tied to real-life organisational workplace tasks, that the training delivery style and pace is compatible with learner requirements, and that learners are given plenty of opportunity to practice their skills and reinforce learning.

Face-to-face training is conveniently delivered on your site making it cost effective, practical and easy for everyone to attend. Just tell us a little about you and your learning requirements, and what time and place suits you best—we’ll take care of the rest.

Online facilitated training

Skillgate is pleased to offer a flexible remote facilitated online alternative to face-to-face learning. Our online learning options allow learners to attend facilitator run training sessions, in real-time, from wherever they are. With the guidance of our experienced training team, learners will view live demonstrations, test out their skills, ask questions and discuss ideas.

Our online facilitated training is available for all of your system and business training needs, no matter the complexity or size of your project.

Online training is facilitated via Microsoft Teams or, alternatively, we would be pleased to discuss other online training platforms suited to your technical environment.