Instructional design

Skillgate designs learning solutions that provide learners with the fastest and most effective route to increasing their knowledge and skills, confidence and workplace productivity.

Skillgate applies proven instructional design models and the latest in adult learning technique to systematically design holistic learning solutions that are precisely targeted to your learners, their individual roles and workplace tasks. We leave no stone unturned, analysing workplace needs and investigating the effectiveness of learning interventions and resources to meet those needs exactly.

It is because we take the time to listen and learn that we are able to design solutions that:

– are well-planned and provide a clear structure for learning

– are targeted to individual roles and tasks

– are embedded within the workflow wherever possible and appropriate

– support infrastructure and resources to sustain effective performance

– promote enthusiasm and commitment to continuous learning

At the core of what we do is our desire to design learner-centric, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for our clients that are the perfect match for them and their team in every way.