In-application support

Skillgate provides organisations with an innovative approach to supporting end users in the workflow, when business results depend on their performance. Skillgate’s in-application support is a lifeline on the screen—always there and at the ready to assist your team with immediate context driven information, and providing as little or as much information as is needed to guide them through any situation.

No matter your business or learning requirements, our in-application support is:

– aligned: to the business need

– embedded: in the workflow

– contextual: accessed by process, role and circumstance

– just enough: support to get the job done, without all the bits you don’t need

– uniform: across business processes and applications

– integrated: with training and eLearning

– trusted: to be correct, current and easily maintained

Our in-application support will allow your team to independently and rapidly solve problems without interfering with their workflow; therefore, setting them up to become highly adaptive, empowered and collaborative team players who work effectively both through business as usual activities and periods of change